DISCOM GmbH - The company


Discom GmbH is an innovative enterprise situated in Göttingen, Germany. Göttingen is also home of the largest university in the North of Germany with about 30,000 students from allover the world.

36 employees develop software and hardware solutions, configure applications and organize the world-wide support more than 600 measurement systems.

Since 1985 Discom produces acoustical measurement systems for the automotive industry. Initially, acoustical and modal analysis applications where build which where used in vehicle development. In 1992 the first acoustical transmission test systems have been commissioned. Since 1995 Discom is situated in the center of Göttingen. Data processing was based for a long time on self-developed digital signal processor cards. The latest developments in PC technology made it possible to bring the data processing to the PC itself. Since 2008 the analysis systems are using a self-developed USB data acquisition frontend, the TAS08. I a modular approach, high accuracy A/D converter and speed input cards are assembled in frontend which can be used either internally or externally to the PC. The data processing is now handled on the PC entirely using parallel software techniques that make optimal use of modern multi-core architectures.

Acoustical quality assurance in transmission test is still a major area of company activities. In addition, combustion engines and electric motors as well as bearings and ancillary units are tested.

In China we are cooperating with our partner Panatech in Shanghai.

An active quality management system in accordance to ISO ISO9001:2008 is yearly audited by the German TÜV Nord.

We are a member of Measurement Valley Göttingen, an association of technology oriented measurement companies in the Göttingen river Leine valley.