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Measurement system for acoustical quality analysis

Measurement system for acoustical quality analysis

Discom develops and distributes systems for acoustical quality analysis. The systems are in use world-wide in the automotive industry and their partners for the test of units in the production environment.

The test objects include transmissions of all variety including automatic, DDCT and manual designs as well as axles and transfer cases. Other assemblies tested include combustion engines, electric motors and tape roller bearings. The acoustical analysis is performed during end-of-line testing on test benches under driving conditions. To accomplish the correlation to the vehicle, Discom produces a mobile acoustical analysis system that is ideal for use in a vehicle.

Customers include the large car companies like Daimler, Fiat, General Motors, Volkswagen and their suppliers. The installation sites include Europe, North and South America, China and India.

A team of 32 employees in Göttingen is responsible for your projects. With central competence software, hardware and applications are developed and systems are integrated. Via on-site and remote support commissioning and service of more than 1600 systems is accomplished.

In the USA our ofice is located in Livonia, Detroit, together with the Global Engineering Services of B&K.

In China we are cooperating with our partner Panatech in Shanghai.